EFAB Unveils Ultra-Modern, Affordable Duplexes In Gwarimpa


With the sheer amount of developers popping up all over Abuja, EFAB Properties Limited has adopted an innovative strategy to contribute to the development of the Federal Capital Territory.

EFAB Crystal, one of the firms latest housing scheme Located at Gwarinpa 3rd avenue, 36 roads by Mike Okonkwo, is a 2 hectares of land, with 26 unit housing.


Having 20 standalone and 6 semi-detached apartments with a cosy environment, the exquisite unit houses are 5 bedrooms duplexes with a paint house and a boy’s quarter each.

A unit in houses in the estate goes for a price within the range of N85-N90 million and buyers would get their keys three weeks after confirmation of payment.

Standalone Duplex

The site engineer, Mr. Justice Dike, who shed some light on the recently completed estate said the houses were affordable and moderately charged in view of there location in the high-brow area of Gwarimpa.

He stated further that allocation of units in the estate entails a dual approach involving outright payment and installmental payment to leave room for flexibility and accommodate everyone.


“installmental payment can be made within a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 6 months.

“Everything is done except the fittings. That will be done when payments are made, so when you pay, you give us a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum 1 month to complete the fittings,” he added.

EFAB Crystal estate is one of the numerous projects undertaken by EFAB developers, which had previously completed estates such as EFAB Metropolis Along Kubwa Express, EFAB Lokogoma, EFAB Mbora 1,2, 3, And 4, EFAB Queens, EFAB City Estate Dakwa and many more all in Abuja.

All the estates have made remarkable progress in terms of infrastructure development, such as roads, drainage channels which are continuously adding to the development of Abuja.


EFAB Crystal Estate entrance

Being a major player in real estate sector in Nigeria, EFAB limited have supported the federal government severally. They built 1000 units of houses and handed over to Police Corporation in 2014 while in 2015, EFAB donated a three-bedroom flat in Dakwa area of Dei Dei, Abuja to father of quintuplets Mr. Imudia Uduehi as a social responsibility project.

Focussed on helping People own their own houses irrespective of their social strata, Chief Fabian Nworah, the Chairman of Efab Properties Limited, established a mortgage bank, which is a first generation mortgage bank, to give mortgage to people that want to buy houses.

Nworah is an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist whose life of service for humanity follows the pattern of highly successful businessmen the world over.


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