Governors Are Financing Insecurity – CPN Chairman

The National Chairman of the Conscience Party of Nigeria, Tanko Yusuf, has blamed Governors and politicians for the spate of insecurity in the country.

He accused the Governors of financing insecurity, citing a recent remark by a bandit alleging that some state governors are sponsoring them with AK47 guns.

“In fact, if you remember there’s a commander of the Boko Haram in the north, and recently a Fulani bandit said that there are governments that are sponsoring them with AK47.”

In a chat with THE WHISTLER, Tanko disclosed the need for proper investigation into the crises with a view to exposing local and foreign sponsors of armed criminals ravaging parts of the country.

Tanko added “for me, long before now I had this believe that there is a hand of conspiracy locally and internationally on this particular issue of insurgency.

“So, all of them are gradually coming out into one piece and that is before these people clench us into more devastating situation, I think we should investigate and expose these people.”

The former Director General of the Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC) said there are reports that some Governors visit the insurgents in the bush at night, even as he disclosed allegations made by insurgents that some of their trainers are serving security officers.

“It is like a conspiracy going on around the country. I don’t know why. I am really, really confused,” he said.

While he agreed that the military seems to be the only segment of the country that is sanitized, the NCP National Chairman berated politicians for trying to destroy the country in their quest for political power.

He also made reference to speculations that bandits attacking schools and other places were imported into the country by politicians who were bent on taking power.

“We in the political circles we are not. We are always trying to look for ways because you just want to be in power.

“They brought people from outside the country to come and cause mayhem because they just want to win power.

” For what cause; why would you do such thing? And look at it now, you cannot control them.

“At a time even the governors were arming militias too. Almost every governor had a militia group.”

He narrated his experience at the office of an unnamed governor who had militias on his payroll.

“I went to a South-South governor’s office and then one small boy came in and they said he was the chief thug. And they were praising him.

“And then in Kano in particular when the governor was looking for governorship you see him going around with people with ‘Garios,’ sword and all, openly.

“Now can you imagine that even the international community is considering thugs as a third force in any political gathering you must consider if you want to win election in Nigeria.”

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