How To Survive Long Flight Trips

Travelling can be such a wonderful affair, but let’s face it – sitting bonded up in a flight for an upwards of 8 hours or more can take its toll.


Summer is almost here again, perhaps some of us are already worried about the long flight hours? relax we’ve got your back.

While some find comfort sleeping all through the journey, others find it a bit more challenging.

Regardless of what category you belong, these 5 travel tips will see you through your next long flight, leaving you more relaxed and happy.


Take a neck pillow along: The pillows on the plane never quite cut it. Invest in a neck pillow for a much more comfortable sleep and relaxation.

Invest in noise cancelling ear phones: For those screaming babies, loud conversationalists or even the hum of the plane’s engine, noise cancelling earphones leave you protected and zoned out from nearly every noise.

Take a lot of water: This cannot be overemphasised. The cabin pressure can have some unpleasant effects on the body which is best checked when you drink sufficient water or liquid (except carbonated drinks).

Dress comfortably: The last thing you need on a long flight is to be uncomfortable. Save yourself the stress and dress in comfortable clothes. Also dress warmly as it can get quite cold in a plane.

Take some snacks in your bag: Plane food can be very be unpleasant, and you don’t want to go hungry through the duration of your trip. So be sure to pack extra snacks just incase the plane food doesn’t satisfy you.


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