I Disobeyed My Wife’s Advice To Bribe Delegates During Primary – ADC Presidential Candidate Kachikwu

The presidential candidate of the African Democratic Congress and CEO of Roots TV, Dumebi Kachikwu, has revealed that he disobeyed his wife who told him to bribe delegates so as not to be disgraced and defeated during the party’s presidential primary in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

He stated this on Wednesday in Abuja during his interaction with journalists while further revealing that he emerged the presidential candidate of the party despite not spending a dime.


He accused other aspirants of bribing delegates and still failed to clinch the party’s presidential ticket.

It could be recalled former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Kingsley Moghalu raised the alarm of the way aspirants bribed delegates during the primary and subsequently resigned from the party.

Moghalu had thrown a dart in the direction of the winner of the primary saying delegates were bribed and that he had no money to give to buy delegates.

But Kachukwu said his emergence was well deserved as no delegate was bribed.


He pointed out that despite his emergence without bribing the delegates, he bent backwards and called one of his opponents who refused to pick his calls.

He said, “I had a banquet for all the delegates, announced to them that I was an aspirant but told them I don’t have money, they should vote their conscience so that if I win, my conscience will be free that I didn’t pay.

“If I lose, I have my business to go back to. So, I don’t have to be a President to work for Nigeria. I left them that night, not knowing what my fate would be.

“I announced to them that I was not going to give anybody money. Some were upset, I left them not knowing what my fate was. My opponents shared money to delegates. In the morning of next day, my wife said, ‘please spend this money on delegates to avoid disgrace, you have it’ and I told her my conscience forbids that. I thought it was over, I was already delivering my speech accepting defeat when I saw that the body language of the delegates has changed, they were smiling with me.

“The most painful thing was to see losers go to the media to desecrate the process which produced me. They were telling lies to the public.


“I called one of the aspirants that I was coming, he said he wasn’t around Abuja but in Lagos. I flew to Lagos to see him, since then he didn’t take his calls.”

He also expressed fears over the 2023 elections, saying about 50 million Nigerians who are members of the middle class in urban areas do not participate in elections because of apathy.

“A country that has the kind of problems we have, we should respond to emergencies. The apathy in government is all time high. It is the reason why the same people continue to come back to governance.
About 50 million people don’t take part in democratic governance.”

While acknowledging that there is a very big task ahead, Kachukwu said, “Nigeria is condemned with selfishness and there’s need to change the way people act, think and reason.”

Kachukwu called on the media to assist him in the rescue mission to salvage Nigeria.

“There’s no common vision tying us as a people, that’s why we kill ourselves everyday. The media should give me a chance to run a race and Nigeria will be better for it. If I’m made the President of Nigeria, I will make a country that works for everyone.”

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