New Research Concludes Frequent Sex May Help Defer Menopause

Scientists have said that frequent sex can help delay menopause beyond the average age since it keeps the body and the hormones active. 

Menopause is usually diagnosed after twelve months without menstruation and usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 45, with the average age being 51.

The study conducted by the University College London and published by Royal Society Open Medicine suggests that if you have a full sexual life, you will end up keeping your body and hormones active, which as a result will keep you fertile.

They further said that if a woman is not having sex, the body will therefore ‘choose’ to stop secreting energy into ovulation and invest the resources into existing skin therefore resulting in menopause.

“During ovulation, the woman’s immune function is impaired, making the body more susceptible to disease. Hence, if a pregnancy is unlikely owing to a lack of sexual activity, then it would not be beneficial to allocate energy to a costly process, especially if there is the option to invest resources into existing kin,” according to the researchers.


Scientists who conducted the study said they recruited 2,936 women aged 42-52, with the researchers tracking their sexual activities for ten years, as well as their menopause status.

The researchers gathered that women of any age who had sex each week had 28% less chances of experiencing menopause at the age of 52, while those who had sex less than once a month have higher chances of experiencing menopause at the average age of 51.

However, when the British National Health Service (NHS) reviewed the research, it said the study does not prove having more sex directly delay menopause.

“The study only shows a link between how often women had sex and their age at menopause. It cannot prove that having more sex directly causes a later menopause.”

Meanwhile, Vicky Rhodes, 59 said she still have periods and has never experienced a hot flush, nor a symptom of hormonal change, as she links it to her frequent sex with lover jack, 49.


She told Daily Mail that the research has helped her to understand why she still see her menstrual flow despite her age.

According to her: “At last, I think I know what’s been going on, because the years when I might have expected to go through the menopause were taken up with a passionate affair.”

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