‘Nigeria Let Her Down’- Twitter Users Knock FG As Itunu Dies In Cote d’Ivoire Prison

One Itunu Babalola from Oyo State has reportedly died in a prison in Cote d’Ivoire and Nigerians have taken to their Twitter accounts to vent their anger on the federal government.


Freelance journalist, David Hundeyin, had announced her death Sunday night when he tweeted “ Itunu is dead. She died this night. Just confirmed”.

But there is yet no official statement confirming her death as of the time of this report.

THE WHISTLER reported that the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), in conjunction with the Nigeria Mission in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, had on March 19, 2021 confirmed that Babalola, who hailed from Oyo State, was wrongfully held in a prison in that country after she was said to have reported a theft incident at her apartment to the country’s police in 2019.

She was convicted in court and has been in jail since then but NIDCOM had assured that it “will continue to monitor the case as it unfolds.”

As the news of her demise went viral on social media on Monday, many Twitter users blamed the government for abandoning its own in a foreign land.


Below are their reactions:

@therealdaddymo1: “Unfortunately, Itunu died abruptly”. These are some of the most insensitive & callous words used to describe this terrible tragedy because of incompetence, lack of accountability & wickedness by those who could have stepped in to save her life. May Nigeria not happen to you”

@Tolu_omo_OLA: “I don’t blame the people who are bringing ethno-religious sentiments into this Itunu matter. This is what this government has turned Nigeria to.”

@iamWillyv : “Anytime you have the opportunity to change nationality please do. Being a Nigerian is a curse Broken heart. Rest In Peace Itunu”

@Akandesodiq13 : “8 months is enough for any serious government to secure release of itunu,Nigeria let her down,I just weak when I realized the itunu been talked about is the same lady unjustly imprison in Ivory Coast a fellow African country not US o,not Saidi Arabia o,shame on this government.”


@BadmanSophss : “If Itunu hadn’t died and was released NidCom or whatever would’ve come out to take credit for her release as usual. Now she’s dead everyone has seen how incompetent the entire commission is.”


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