Nigerian Students Build Robot To Care For Covid-19 Patients

A team of Nigerian students have designed a robot they said can be used to care for Covid-19 patients in hospitals when completed.

The robot, MAIROBOT, is designed to deliver medicines to patients and allows health workers to communicate with patients remotely via a webcam.

In a video seen by THE WHISTLER, the team from Glisten International Academy in Abuja, demonstrated the ability of MAIROBOT by allowing it to deliver drugs in isolation rooms and take temperature of a patient, while the doctor could communicate with the patient through the webcam.

But the robot’s most challenging deficiency of the new project is handling doors, according to the team.

One of MAIROBOT designers, Nabila Abbas, said, “I hope this MAIROBOT can curb and reduce the risk that these health personnel get, I want health workers to be safer.”

The team hope that the work which took three months would be commercially viable in the near future as it would also serve for other infectious diseases like Ebola virus.

Abbas added, “Other infectious diseases can also be curbed using MAIROBOT like Ebola, Lassa fever and all these infectious viruses.”

The teacher supervising the project, David Adeniyi, said, “Right now we are working on upgrading it.”