Reasons Why Going Home For Christmas And New Year Is The Best Thing Ever

Festive seasons are incomplete when not celebrated with friends, families and loved ones. For those who stay far away from home, below are a few reasons why you just have to celebrate your Christmas and new year with your loved ones at home.


THE EXCITEMENT CAN’T BE MATCHED: Christmas is exciting any way – but seeing your family is even more of a thrill.

THE REUNION: No matter how long it has been, the welcome you receive, the massive hugs and the excitable catching ups are definitely going to make you even happier.

YOU CAN JUST CHILL: You need to go home because there will be a mummy to worry over you, there’s food everywhere, you claim your favourite chair, you chuck your stuff in your childhood room, and you will enjoy the feeling of being so relaxed!


CATCHING UP WITH EVERYONE: Seeing all of those familiar faces is brilliant and reliving those precious memories of you and your childhood friends is exactly what you’d been looking forward to. Nothing beats a chinwag with your mum who is revealing the latest scandals of her neighbours and people you knew from school.

THE TRADITIONS YOU DON’T GET ANYWHERE ELSE: Like going out to watch village matches and masquerade, these are some of the traditions you cant get in the city you re used to. An endless stream of visitors, friends to go and visit, local community events, food to eat, drinks to down and lazing to do – you’d never have been this busy back at your faraway life.

YOU ARE OFFICIALLY THE VIP: You are treated as a special guest and waited upon. Often you are held back as a surprise to be pounced on by relatives and you’re more than happy with the glory.

MORE THAN ANYTHING IT REMINDS YOU HOW LOVED YOU ARE. When you live far away from home, it is easy to get a bit down and feel you have been forgotten about. But during this short break, you will be treated like you’d never been away and your favourite Christmas memory is the knowledge that your family is always there, whenever you need them.

YOU LAUGH. Everyone laughs. A lot, everybody is happy.


Now isn’t all that thrilling! in case you had your doubts about going home, well its time for you to go get all the love you can at home.


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