Relationship Tips: Ways To Keep Your Man

It is possible for any man to ask for sex in a relationship, but it is left for you as a lady to know that sex can never keep a man.

There have been several instances where ladies complain of this so-called journey of sex in a relationship, and these two issues always have the apex seat on the pyramid.


i. After giving him my body he left me.

ii. He left because I refused to have sex with him.

Ladies ‘’mbok’’ (like the Calabar people would say), it is time to know that in a relationship Sex is not enough, and it is surely not the only thing you can offer your fine wine.

So many women make it a routine to slide into the different edition of Kama Sutra, all in the name of ‘’ keeping my man’’. Please change your mindset knowing that there is much to live than cowgirl style, Doggy style, Missionary style, Apple n juice style, step pillows style, and the list goes on.


Are you sound intellectual, Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally? Then I guess you have got an added advantage to keeping your man because Men are looking for ladies with ideas and solution, not those who paint their faces with different colours though it is also needed.

A man can’t stay with you because he is having sex with you, relationship is not buying and selling.

To shock you nowadays Sex is very cheap and anybody can buy it, so you need to build yourself beyond sex.

What a man wants is a beauty with brain and not only makes ups with boobs or hips. If you don’t have anything to offer a man outside Sex, please remain Single…


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