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Amazing Health Benefits Of Okra

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Few days ago, we gave you a few tips on why Japanese people live long. If you missed that, read here.

Today, we are going to be giving you a few amazing health benefits of Okra which is also known in many English-speaking countries as “ladies finger”.

Japan is the world’s most productive land of Okra. This is a major reason why both the young and old all look very healthy. When asked for the secret behind their good health, the Japanese people graciously answer “Okra”.

Okra, is one of the popular nutritious vegetables, usually very green, tender and gathered at an immature stage.

Here are some amazing health benefits of consuming Okra:

Prevents Colon Cancer:
By cleaning out the intestinal tract, Okro is able to improve colon health by allowing the organ to work at a higher rate of efficiency and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Prevents Diabetes
The presence of Eugenol in Okra helps fight against diabetes. The fibre also helps stabilize blood sugar level by delaying sugar absorption from the intestines.

Prevents Constipation
Okra is one of the best vegetable sources of dietary fibre essential for the digestive system. Dietary fibres in okra help prevent and relieve constipation. The soluble fibre in okra absorbs water and adds bulk to the stool thus preventing constipation.

Prevents Anaemia
The iron content of okra forms haemoglobin in the blood and prevents anaemia. Vitamin K helps in blood coagulation.

Aids Weight Loss
The dietary fibres contained in this vegetable helps people who are on weight loss programs. Okro has a very low caloric value so it is a great addition when losing weight.

Improves Heart Health
The soluble fibre in okra helps to lower serum cholesterol and thus reduces the risk of heart disease. Eating okra is an effective way to control the body’s cholesterol level. Okra is also high in pectin that helps in lowering high blood cholesterol by altering the production of bile in the intestines.

Improves Immunity
The high Vitamin C content in Okro helps fight cold and cough by encouraging a healthy immune system. The Vitamin C and many essential minerals like magnesium, manganese, calcium and iron in okra also fight against harmful free radicals and therefore promote an overall healthy immune system.

Improves Eyesight
Vitamin A and beta carotene found in Okro are essential nutrients for maintaining good eyesight. In addition, these essential nutrients also help prevent eye related diseases such as cataracts. The Vitamin A promotes good eye health and protects against age related eye disorders.

Contributes to a Healthy Pregnancy
The high amount of folate contained in the okra is beneficial for the foetus during pregnancy. Folate is an essential nutrient which improves the development of the foetus’ brain. The high amount of folic acid in okra plays an important role in the neural tube formation of the foetus from the fourth to the twelfth week of pregnancy.

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