Dangerous Effects Of Excessive Make-Ups

In a world where your life is judged by how great you look in your Facebook and Instagram pictures; there is a constant expectation to look your best all the time.

People who love wearing heavy make-up on their faces and skin to enhance their beauty have been warned to reduce its application in order to avoid some harmful effects.

A report on Vanguard quoted a Lagos-based dermatologist, Alex Adeniyi, and many others as warning women to cut down on too much application of makeups.

The side effects were given below:

1. Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases.

Lipstick contains aluminium which may cause long-term anaemia. Many products contain chemicals like zinc oxide, BHA, barium sulphate etc, which are very harmful to body and may result in many organ failures like that of kidney and liver. Generally, the lip cares, lip balms and lipsticks when applied, go in with our food which in a long run leads to many respiratory diseases.


2. Itching and Skin Disorders.

Slay beauties, while buying makeup product, pay much attention to the ingredients it contains, because a number of oil-based skin foundations clog pores on your facial skin, leading to scary acne outbreaks and skin disorders.

Blushers and bronzers contain ingredients which can lead to pimples, patches and long-term skin irritation all over the affected areas. Heavy metals and ammonia in hair dyes can lead to abrasions in the skin and scalp as well as follicle damage and hair loss.

3. High Blood Pressure, Reduction in Fertility

Similarly, Mrs Tobi Davis, another dermatologist, said the harmful effects of make-up are not limited to skin-related issues but to other health challenges.

She said in her statement “Lipsticks, kajal sticks, eye-shadows are known to contain carcinogenic and neurotoxin chemicals that can have adverse effects on the skin’’ and “This can lead users to develop high blood pressure, allergies, behavioural abnormalities, and reduction in fertility. Also the use of bubble bath may affect the reproductive organ if it comes in direct contact.”

4. Aging

Yes, one may start looking older than he or she actually is. All the makeup and moisturizers actually do some damage to your skin and with prolonged use. Wrinkles and other signs of ageing may be visible. This is the main reason why some ladies can’t be recognized or rather look pale when they don’t wear makeup.

5. Addiction

The common notion among people is that they cannot look beautiful or handsome if they missed out on a cosmetic or just ran out of it. This can lead to many troubles and is nothing less than an addiction. There are people who can skip occasions, academic meeting, or get-togethers if their cosmetics are not with them or if they can’t do makeup.

It is quite understandable that everyone wants to look good and fashionable, but it should be done in moderation.

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