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Microsoft Expands Its Windows 10 Outreach

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American multinational technology company, Microsoft Corporation has started pushing Windows 10 on a group of previously off-limits users as its new operating system nears the six month anniversary of its release.

This is part of the Company’s plan to relentless push Windows 10 onto every PC on the planet.

Microsoft announced on Wednesday via a post on its website that it plans to expand the program, pushing the aggressive GWX taskbar icon and pop-up upgrade notification reminders to some domain-joined PCs that had previously been exempt.

In addition, the Washington based Company told users who are running Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8.1 Pro that they will start seeing the Get Windows 10 app in their taskbar, suggesting that they upgrade to the new OS.

The post read: “We will begin to roll out the “Get Windows 10” app to additional devices that meet the following criteria, in the US later this month and in additional markets shortly thereafter:

Running and licensed for Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8.1 Pro
Configured to receive updates directly from the Windows Update service (i.e. updates are not managed by WSUS or System Center Configuration Manager on those devices)
Joined to an Active Directory domain

The change in policy will only affect devices that are joined to an Active Directory domain and set up to receive updates directly from the Windows Update service. Business users with that setup will start seeing pop-ups from the Get Windows 10 app urging them to update their computers for free.

Microsoft claims it’s doing this because many small businesses – the sort of organizations that run Windows Pro, use a domain, but leave automatic updates on – want an easy way to install the new operating system. If companies really want this software, you’d think they’d install it themselves – or opt in for it, rather than having to opt out repeatedly.

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