Murray-Bruce Foresees Disaster In Aviation Sector Over Forex Scarcity

[caption id="attachment_13647" align="alignnone" width="690"]Senator Ben Murray-Bruce[/caption]

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, on Monday, revealed his frustration over the poor state of the Aviation sector following the scarcity of foreign exchange.

The senator, who vented his frustration in a series of tweet, said he foresaw crashes if the local airline operators are unable to access forex to service their planes and get aviation fuel.

The common sense senator further lamented that religious pilgrims had easier access to forex at subsidized rates, while airline operators and local manufacturers had to source for forex at the parallel market.

He stressed that if the problem of access to forex for airline operators was not resolved soon, it would lead to mishaps and accidents.

See tweets below:

Just spoke with the head of an airline and Nigerian airlines are not servicing planes because they can’t get forex #AccidentWaitingToHappen

Pilgrims get forex at special rates while airlines can’t get it to buy parts and are flying planes that could drop #AccidentWaitingToHappen

Right now in Nigeria, even aviation fuel isn’t available. Airlines are forced to cut corners and put lives at risk #AccidentWaitingToHappen

Regulators license airlines with one plane. The planes is overworked without access to necessary service and parts #AccidentWaitingToHappen

Airlines are forced to source for forex on the parallel market. They are forced to cut corners and risk lives #AccidentWaitingToHappen

What is happening in our aviation sector is an emergency. We mustn’t wait for the next accident to take storm #AccidentWaitingToHappen

In ALL airports in Nigeria, there are delays. No aviation fuel. No parts. Desperate travelers, weak regulator #AccidentWaitingToHappen

We must show concern for those who don’t have access to Presidential Jets and Private Jets. Human lives are at risk #AccidentWaitingToHappen

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