Peter & Paul Facing The Reality Of Independence

The messy split of Peter and Paul of P-Square, which has been making the news in recent times, have continued to generate headlines with individual activities of the duo.

The brothers have released individual acts in the aftermath of their breakup, as they are passing through the reality of being independent in their various career path. We will analyse both acts and review their pros and cons in this piece.

Peter, who confirmed the split in a night club performance in Abuja, had previously kicked against the management of their record label, Square Records, which was under the control and leadership of elder brother Jude Okoye.

He recently released a single, titled ‘Look Into My Eyes’, in other to prove to fans that he has the capacity to succeed as a solo act. 

‘Look Into My Eyes’ is a mid-tempo song characterized with ego and haughtiness. The VTEK beat produced song though very entertaining, exposes the singers inability to flow with the rhythm.

“They wanna know my freak mode, they feel me everytime I do an intro…” he started brightly before waning out while reaching the hook, “Look into my eyes…tell me what you see..

The quality of the song cannot be compared to the period the pair were striving together, and it suggest ‘Mr P’ as his preferred stage name, has to rethink his decision to go solo.


Paul, on the other hand, who kicked against Peter’s twitter rant over elder brother Jude, was calm for a while, but however left with no option than to take sides. His reaction to Peter’s outburst suggested he was in favour of Jude as their manager.

The stylish singer, who has chosen “Rudeboy” as his new stage name has also released his own single, ‘Call Heaven’.

From the track, one would suggest that Paul was not in support of the break-up, which prompted him to release the song with a title ‘Call Heaven, where according to him, the soul of their parents reside, and believing if they were still alive this split wouldn’t have occurred.

The track which was more like an interlude, was nonetheless emotional.

Paul poured out his heart in the mini-song saying: “Make somebody please go heaven, make I tell my mama say e don happen…”

Obviously, it was a shock to him, that his beloved brother someday would actually leave him, he continued: “If to say una dey for everything wey dey happen today, e for be say una go intervene, cause right now everything na play.”

Paul’s vocal stole the heart of many in this track and made it more entertaining, he is the lead singer of the duo, something Peter himself had earlier admitted.

We keep our fingers crossed to see what this brothers have in store for their fans, who seem divided over their decision to go solo.

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