Sex Doll War Heats Up, Women Claim ‘We Are Unbeatable’

A new sex doll which is sold for about $2,2,89, a little over 800,000 without the addition of the maintenance cost, is already getting some men excited.

The doll has large thighs, breasts, and large buttocks as stated by the Guardian news.

A typical Sex Doll

The company that invented the sex doll, Abyys creations, said the dolls have the ability to talk like a woman and can satisfy sexual needs.


This hilarious invention got some Nigerian women on the internet mad and angry, wondering how the men will treat them when they finally get an encounter with this so-called sex figurine.

Come on guys, God made you for greater things than to be lusting after a machine! Get a wife not a machine for sex. You have to be a dullard if the best you can get is a doll instead of a beautiful woman whose libido can match yours. What madness!

I can only but imagine how stiff that thing is when she’s moved. Doll cannot replace human skin. Man cannot recreate as good as God does.

Don’t waste your $2500 on a sex doll. Go and invest it in a business idea and take great care to grow the business until it is profitable. When the business starts yielding money, you will attract what is better than a sex doll…

wise up and be a true man not a ‘doll’ man.


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