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Twitter Warn Users Against ‘State Sponsored Attack’

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Online social networking service, Twitter, has told a bunch of its users that they may be targets of a ‘State Sponsored Attack’.

The microblogging platform joins Google and Facebook, who have also started issuing warnings to users possibly targeted by state-sponsored attacks.

In a security email circulated to some users, the company highlighted recent activity from state-backed ‘actors’ and advised users to take precautions to protect their details.

According to an email sent by Twitter and posted by a non-profit organisation in Canada called Coldhak, the targeting may have been aimed at obtaining information such as email addresses, IP addresses or phone numbers, they however say there is no evidence that any information was actually compromised.

 The warning reads: “We believe these actors – possibly associated with a government – may have been trying to obtain information such as email addresses, IP addresses, and/or phone numbers.”

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Twitter did not say which country may have been attempting to attack users, although the usual suspects are China, Russia, North Korea and America.

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