Twitter Cracks Down On Top Nigerian Influencers…Tife, Pamilerin, Others Lose Accounts

Twitter has suspended the accounts of several Nigerian social media influencers.

The social media giant suspended the accounts of over fifteen influencers in the country, including Danny walter, Tife, Volqx and Lamar, Uncle Mohamz, Pamilerin, Valhalla, and Four eyed Edo Boy.

Reports have it that the crackdown may be unconnected to the influencers’ alleged use of their Twitter accounts to carry out a coordinated online campaign aimed at obstructing the extradition of Alex Saab, a Colombian businessman, who was last year indicted in the United States for money laundering.

The influencers are believed to have violated some twitter rules through the campaign.

It was also learnt that many other accounts outside Nigeria were also suspended indefinitely for involvement in the coordinated online campaign.

A quick check on the Twitter policy shows that users’ accounts can be suspended for common reasons including spam, account security at risk or abusive Tweets or behavior.

In 2019, Twitter suspended accounts of some social media influencers ahead of the 2019 general elections.

In the second half of 2018, Twitter also suspended many Nigerian influencers’ accounts that were linked to piracy, fake news, content theft, spamming and hate speech/revenge porn.

Who are influencers?

They are basically social media users with huge following and who charge money to change brand opinions – not to be confused with Digital Marketers who are trained to drive traffic to certain websites using online marketing channels.

The suspended accounts, included:

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