What AfDB President Said After Ronaldo, Other Players Crashed Out Of FIFA World Cup In Qatar

The drama and shocking moments of the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar have forced the president of the African Development Bank, Akinwmi Adesina to encourage players whose teams have been eliminated from the tournament.


Adesina in a post on Sunday consoled the players whose teams were eliminated from the competition saying losing matches does not mean failure.

Out of the 36 teams who made it to the Qatar World Cup, only four teams are still in contention. They are Argentina, Croatia, Morocco, and France.

Big names like Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, England, and Portugal are all out of the competition.

Adesina said in a tweet, “Losing matches, no matter how painful, can never make you a loser. You did not fail, just because of missed opportunities. You showed courage. Your courage has earned you respect from around the world.

“So, lift up your heads! Well done! @FIFAcom @FIFAWorldCup.”


He added in a separate tweet that “Success is fleeting; courage is enduring.”

Portugal crashed out of the tournament on Saturday, courtesy of the doggedness of the Moroccan team.

It was the end of a dream for Cristiano Ronaldo who had confessed that winning the World Cup was his biggest ambition.

He was escorted off the pitch in tears and it generated reactions considering that his long-time rival was still in the competition.

Ronaldo said, “I fought for it. I fought hard for this dream. In the 5 appearances, I scored in World Cups over 16 years, always by the side of great players and supported by millions of Portuguese, I gave my all. Leave it all out on the field. I never turned my face to the fight and I never gave up on that dream.


“Sadly yesterday the dream ended It’s not worth reacting to heat. I just want you all to know that much has been said, much has been written, much has been speculated, but my dedication to Portugal has not changed not for a moment.”


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