Will Simi-Adekule Marriage Last? Nigerians React

Simi and Adekunle Gold hugging each other


Controversies have trailed the news of Nigerian artists, Simi and Adekunle Gold who on Wednesday, reportedly tied the knot the traditional way.

While some fans have praised the said marriage, stating that it is long overdue, others have not hesitated to criticize the duo for getting married.

These fans are doubting that the marriage will work between them, stating that the fact that they both are musicians is a negative pointer.


Lately, it seems that celebrities staying married is more newsworthy than celebrities getting married. There are views or opinion of individuals that their career will suffer because it will lead to split up. However, some others don’t think so.

According to Miss Grace Ameh, the issue of Simi and Adekunle getting married “will not work because they are both singers and they will not make out time for their family and each other.

“What if both have work in the studio who will look out for their kids?” she asked.

Mrs Adeola John who also spoke with our reporter said she thinks it will work out for the couple. She said so long as the duo can strike a balance, their marriage will not suffer.

“They happen to have the same career, so they can work on their schedules and create balance,” she said.


Meanwhile, Mr. Olu Thomas said the couple has to make sacrifices in case a child is involved in other to stay together as a married couple.

“Every relationship have a hard time there’s need to compromise because it is for better or worst.

“I’m sure it would be easy to deal when you have to manage to keep things together.”

Also, a source who identified himself as Mr. Ibe said it all depends on the character of the couple.

He said if they believed in the marriage, it will survive as there are a lot of music celebrities whose marriages have lasted.


“A typical example is that of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who have stayed together in marriage for years and are still together.

“Celebrities marriages may appear love-filled, but how much time are such busy people willing to spend together to know each other.

“Being a public figure to many ,their lifestyle and ego will either make their marriage to work or not,” he said.


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