English Fans Set To Return to Stands As Second Lockdown Ends

Soccer lovers in England are set to return to stadiums to support their various clubs after the end of the second lockdown, in the beginning of December.

About 4,000 spectators will be allowed to watch outdoor sporting events after been away from sports stadiums since March due the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, though there has been few exceptions with the example of a pre-season friendly game between Chelsea and Brighton which saw Brighton fans allowed to watch their team last August.

In Tier 1 areas – those considered the lowest risk – either 4,000 fans or 50 per cent of a stadium’s capacity – whichever is lower – will be allowed back, while 2,000 fans or 50 per cent of capacity can return to indoor events.

Tier 2 areas will adhere to the same rules but at half the same rate, while Tier 3 areas will have to continue with sporting events played behind closed.

Possible matches that could see fans back to the stand after 2nd of December are the games between 5/6 involving Aston Villa vs Newcastle United, Brighton vs Southampton, Burnley vs Everton, Chelsea vs Leeds United, Liverpool vs Wolves, Manchester City vs Fulham, Sheffield United vs Leicester City, Tottenham vs Arsenal, West Brom vs Crystal Palace, West Ham vs Manchester United.

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