Health And Fitness: Benefits Of Boxing Workouts

Boxing is one of the most effective, concise ways to get in shape and maintain your physical health.

It’s also a full-body workout that engages every muscle group in your body, with a strong focus on your core.

The rapid movements in boxing has proven to improve flexibility, balance, and coordination, and can help you build faster reflexes.


The list of benefits with kickboxing workout is immense. With increasing awareness, this workout has become a part of a lifestyle for many individuals across the world.

Cardio kickboxing workouts are a great way to kick your way towards a healthy life.

Let’s have a look at the numerous advantages of cardio kickboxing workouts.


Melt Fat Fast

This cardio-conditioning element of boxing is one of the most effective ways to burn fat-especially that stubborn belly fat.


Belly fat over time has been associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.

Complete Body Workout

Kickboxing workout offers a full body workout.

During a boxing workout, you are required to punch or kick a bag hundreds of times, engaging your upper body, lower body, and core to make contact with the bag.

Tone Your Entire Body


There’s a large toning component to kickboxing because it forces you to engage all the muscle groups in your body.

This workout engages your back and trim your waist because each move requires a lot of core power.

Engaging your core will also ultimately improve co-ordination, while the constant movement improves flexibility and reflexes.

Weight Loss


Kickboxing is a high impact cardio workout. One gets to burn huge amount of calories in this process. Since the complete body is involved, the calorie consumption rate is always high, thus helping one in their weight loss target. It’s estimated that one can burn up to 500 to 600 calories in an hour long session.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

Kickboxing is a great workout for a good heart. It can help one control blood pressure in the long run, and also maintain a good heart rate.

Stress Reduction

It has been proven that most cardio vascular exercises can help one reduce or get rid of their stress.

Boxing is a great stress buster. One can eliminate all their stress and frustration through their kicks and punches without the fear of hurting anyone.

Improves Confidence

Kickboxing is responsible for releasing a hormone called endorphins which can have a positive effect on your mood, thus increasing your confidence level.

With improved confidence one never falls short of making the most of the opportunities, life presents in front of them.

Self Defense

Kickboxing workout can prove to be a great self-defense practice tool when you are caught up in a situation which needs good hand-eye coordination or strong kicks or punches to set yourself free, then your kickboxing training session will help you in this process.


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