How I Escaped Being Used For Money Ritual By ‘One Chance’ Syndicate–Abuja Based Lady Reveals

A 29-year-old Abuja based lady, Nnenna Okwute has revealed how she was almost used for money rituals by ‘one chance’ syndicate in Abuja.

Okwute who said she boarded the vehicle on her way back from work explained that she and another passenger were robbed of their valuables by the robbers who disguised as passengers in the vehicle.

She said during the trip from Zone Two Junction in Wuse to Lugbe a suburb in Abuja, the robbers threatened to take them to a herbalist that specialises in using people for money rituals.

She said, “After the close of work on 24th of March 2021, I saw a private car, gold in colour with tinted glasses giving a sign that he’s going to Lugbe. Inside the car, they were three guys which include the driver, one at the front and the other one at the back.

“So I entered on getting to GSM village junction they picked another girl, making a total of five persons. A guy who wanted to enter was not allowed to, because the driver said he only wanted three people at the back, that he was going to pick his wife at Churchgate.

“On getting to Churchgate they wound up, I felt the driver wanted to put on the AC, then the guy at the front seat adjusted his seat backward which discomforted our legs and when I spoke to the guy to dress the seat properly, the guy next to me hit me so hard and asked that I put down my head on his laps while he continued to hit my head and neck.

“Although the other girl was crying and screaming Jesus! Jesus!!, I really did not know what they were doing to her as I could not see because my head was pinned down, it seems like the guy at the front was also hitting her.”

She said while the journey progressed, the robbers were busy molesting them and also threatening to kill them if they failed to cooperate.

Okwute added, “They started questioning us about where we work, how much do we have in our account and how many bank I operate. The story line they gave was that, an Alhaji sent them to pick us up, that someone mistakenly sent N11m to our accounts three days back.

“I told them they picked the wrong person because I honestly don’t know about any money. While I was still speaking, they collected my phone asked for the password which I gave them, and they checked my account balance.

“The one that went through my phone said we are actually the wrong people, that we could not have finished spending N11m under three days. They moved the small money I had in my account and also collected the N10,000 my madam gave to me for some office materials.

“They collected the two ATM the other girl had with her and transferred money from her account, and they collected also her two phone.”

Explaining how she escaped, Okwute said, “One of the guys was moving my wig as though he wanted to inject something on my neck, I later found out that they were looking for gold.

“They however, agreed to drop us only if we cooperate but I was gripped with fear when they said they will take us to one Alhaji at Zuma Rock for them to use us for money ritual, or even naked us and take pictures of us and post on social media before they shoot us.

“They said all they took from us are in our bags since we are the wrong people. The robbers asked us not to shout when they dropped us or they will waste our lives. So when they finally dropped us off at a lonely path, we searched our bags and found nothing inside, obviously they lied to us.

“Not knowing where we were, we saw a keke man around and asked, and he told us that we are in Gwarimpa.”

Okwuta said she called a friend that works in a bank, who assisted in restricting the account from withdrawal and also blocked her card.

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