Instagram Users Give Interesting Responses To Question On Relationships

Users of the Microblogging site, Instagram have provided hilarious and interesting responses on a relationship question by a psychiatrist.

On Tuesday, Nigerian psychiatrist and the medical director of Pinnacle Medical Services Lagos, Maymunah Kadiri, in an Instgram post asked her followers if “people always date with marriage as a destination or just date to live in the moment?”

In response to the question, Miss Rosemary Alfred said ” Forget marriage as point of focus while dating oooo, just enjoy the process and the moment.”

She however said people should focus on doing God’s will, “You cannot come and kill yourself”

On her own part, Onwunara Queen said “I want to date, have and live in the moment with a clear cut vision of where it will eventually end or lead to.”

@jeto_again said ” I think it’s better to get married cause of someone, than to be with someone cause you want to get married. I tried dating with marriage as end goal, but it ended up as a disaster, because I was busy trying to turn her into my “ideal” wife, when I could have just accepted and loved her for who she is. Was too busy making plans for the roof and painting that I forgot to build a proper foundation. “

@fade_oninawo in her opinion advised that “When marriage is always at the back of your mind in a relationship, it doesn’t allow you enjoy the relationship, and when some men know that’s your purpose they see it has a mean to hide who they really are.
She disclosed that her relationship was the only time she had marriage at the back of her mind and “eventually it lead to marriage. Still I’d prefer to live in the moment.”

In the words of @dr._ngoziibe “We live in a different world today, some people have decided never to get married, some never to have children, With the LGBTQIA+ now, would we say they must all get married? Some people are eccentric like writers and creatives, who know they need their space and know it’s only a scheduled relationship that would work for them. Me I just think it’s to each his own.”

Responding to one of her followers, Dr. Kadiri said, “we just have to embrace our differences, build the foundation rather than focusing on the roof. She added that not every relationship must end in marriage.

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