iPhone 13: Nigerians May Need To Travel Abroad To Fix Phone If Screen Is Damaged

The iPhone 13 which Apple released earlier this month will hinder users from using the Face ID feature if the screen is replaced by a third-party, such as a phone repairer.

This means that if an iPhone 13 user damages their screen, they must go to an Apple store to have it replaced if they wish to continue to unlock their phone or perform other activities using the Face ID feature.

According to Mashable, a YouTube channel which specializes in phone repair took apart the phone to observe and document its hardware features for a video, but after a deep dive through its contents, they discovered what they called “catastrophic to third party repair.”

When a third-party, such as a repair store or even the owner of the phone themselves, replaces the iPhone 13 screen, Face ID ceases to work completely.

A pop-up message will appear on the screen saying, “Important Display Message. Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display”, and after that, Face ID will cease to work.

Reports indicate that replacing other iPhone 13 components with a third-party are okay as those will work normally, but doing so with the screen is not the case.

This could potentially serve as a major discouragement for avid Apple users in Nigeria who were already excited about getting their hands on the new product, seeing as there is no Apple store in Nigeria.

This means in the event that they get the phone and the screen gets damaged, they would either have to consider managing it as it is (depending on the degree of damage), fix it with a third- party repairer and forgo the Face ID feature entirely or flying out of the country just to have it replaced at an Apple store.

According to Apple, it costs $279 (about N161,000) to replace a broken iPhone 13 screen if the phone is out of its warranty.

Earlier this month, THE WHISTLER reported that Apple released the iPhone 13 series which costs between $999 for the most expensive one (about N412,000) and $699 for the cheapest one (about N385,000).

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