JUST IN: 20 Aid-Laden Trucks Enter Gaza From Egypt Amid Israel-Hamas War

On Saturday, about 20 aid-laden trucks conveying food and medicine to Palestinians gained entry to Gaza through the Egyptian border.

The development is a major achievement for the United Nations (UN) which had been calling on Israel and other stakeholders to allow humanitarian aid to Palestinians displaced by the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.


Since the Hamas militants infiltrated Southern Israel on October 7 and killed hundreds, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) has sustained military offensives against them and has received green light from its government to invade Gaza through land, sea and air.

Hamas confirmed the entry of aid as well, saying “the relief aid convoy that is supposed to enter today includes 20 trucks that carry medicine, medical supplies, and a limited amount of food supplies (canned goods).”

Meanwhile, the Egyptian government has urged the international community and the media to note that it was not responsible for delaying the crossing of aid from its border to Gaza.

Egypt blamed the closure on Israel’s “targeted attacks and refusal of aid entry”.


Foreign media reports that after the 20 trucks entered Gaza, the border was immediately closed from the Gazan side.

There are 100 trucks standing by on the Egyptian side, waiting to enter Gaza.

Meanwhile, the International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC) has urged the warring parties to allow aid to reach civilians in line with international treaties.

“It is essential that warring parties maintain a minimum of humanity even during the worst of war. People in Gaza cannot be kept waiting for desperately needed aid.

“Hospitals are on the verge of collapse, and families are sleeping in the open with little food and water. We urgently call for a pause in the fighting and for humanitarian aid and first responders to be allowed in.


“Every hour that passes without increased assistance means more misery and suffering,” ICRC stated.

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