Mike Bamiloye Sparks Debate About Pastors’ Wives’ Behaviours

The founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, Mike Bamiloye, has sparked social media debate after making shocking revelations about the trauma some pastors go through at the hands of their wives.

The evangelist said some pastors’ wives have weakened their husbands’ ministries and “seriously adulterated” the sacredness of their marriage in the name of feminism.

Bamiloye said some pastors have been forced to become submissive to their wives “just to allow PEACE to reign in their home,” and in order not to “raise the dust that would sink the Sailing Boat”.

He tweeted on Wednesday, “SOME PASTORS’ WIVES ARE FEMINISTS, Fighting for Equality in their homes and on Pulpits. They have weakened the Foundations of their Husbands’ ministry. And seriously adulterated the Sacredness of their Marriage.

“Some Ministers of God just allow PEACE to reign in their Home, so as not to raise the dust that would sink the Sailing Boat, THE “PEACE” in some Ministers’ Homes is a Camouflaged Peace, because the Head of the Home is Submissive and doing everything the Wife insisted you be done.

“But the Terrible Inherent Danger is that a terrible Seed of Rebellion and Stubbornness is being unconsciously Sown into the Children’s Heart, which would gradually begin to blossom uncontrollably.

Bamiloye added that, “ANY MOVEMENT THAT QUESTIONS ANY ASPECT OF THE WORD OF GOD, originates from the Devil the Hater of The Marriage Instituted by God.”

The clergyman’s statement has generated reactions on social media, with some Nigerians expressing mixed reactions to his submission.

Belo are some of the reactions on Twitter:

@Ndioha1: “Jesus should be the true foundation of every ministry and home. Eph. 5:21- Submit to one another out of reverence to Christ. A spirit filled man knows dt Christ expects him to treat his wife as Christ treats the church! In Christ we are children, not slaves. Shalom.

@osemudiamen964: “My own Input: I am not against equal opportunity for male and female gender. After all, Deborah led the Israelites as their Judge (Leader). However, when the movement includes equality in marriage-between Husband and Wife, then that is against the will of God for marriage.”

@Rebeccagbemudia: “I feel men over react to this tenet of relationship between a man and woman. I once had a relationship where the man, who hasn’t even proposed wants me to submit to everything he says! He expects this all because the Bible mentions submission on the part of women.”

@Tenny_0240: “Let’s settle this once and for all. Why didn’t Jesus choose women to be among His disciple? The mandate to teach was given to male man from the beginning. Most men have lost their identity that’s why women are competing with them.”