‘Submit To Your Husband’ – Oyedepo Tells Women As Bamiloye Predicts ‘Valentine’s Day Of Death’

The presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo has advised married women who see him as their pastor to be submissive to their husbands in line with the instructions of the Bible.

The Bishop emphasized the need for women (no matter their position) to obey the Bible rather than what was obtained in the world.

“To my daughters in faith, you might be a minister of the gospel, and your husband is not, but the Word of God says, ‘Submit to your husband’.

“You might be earning more than he is or be more highly placed than he is, but this does not in any way make the Word of God of no effect. Submit to him in action, in word, etc,” he stated as posted via his official Facebook page on Saturday.

The advice is coming at a time that the concept of feminism is increasingly becoming a hot topic of debate among men and women, including celebrities in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, ahead of the February 14 Valentine Day, another cleric, Rev. Mike Bamiloye, President of Mount Zion Ministries, has said those planning to explore immorality on that day may signal the end of their lives and dreams, when they were done.

Quoting from Proverbs 7:6-27 in the Bible, he warned that those who see sexual immorality as fun are setting themselves up for trouble.

Tomorrow evening is a ‘Night of Fun’, when many men and ladies will slaughter their destinies on the bed of lustful pleasure. By next morning it is done! Destiny Auctioned to a young man or a lady whose future has been mortgaged to the devil.

“Happy Valentine!
If Joseph had had a fun with Portiphar’s wife, he would never have got to the palace to see the type of Glory he saw. He escaped that trap that would have aborted his destiny on which so many lives in Egypt and Canaan land, depended upon.

“There is a great story in Proverbs 7:6-27. It is a sad story of a young man on his own “Valentine Night”. He had thought he wanted to have a fun that night, he had thought he wanted to enjoy himself, but crashed his future in a night of fun,” he tweeted.