One Month After, Elon Musk Yet To Find ‘Someone Foolish Enough’ To Become Twitter CEO

More than one month after announcing that he would step down as CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, is yet to take any action on his word.


In December 2022, Musk posted a poll via his Twitter handle asking his followers to vote on whether or not he should step down as the platform’s CEO.

“Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll,” he tweeted, adding in a separate tweet that the problem wasn’t finding a CEO, but finding one who “could keep Twitter alive”.

The poll ended with 57% of respondents voting Yes, against 43% who voted No. The poll had more than 17 million votes.

Following the poll results, however, Musk stated that he would only step down as CEO, when he found “someone foolish enough to take the job”.

Musk has retained his position, and continues to run the platform, announcing new features and updates for Twitter via his account on the microblogging site.


Most recently, he tweeted on Saturday that ads take up too much space on the platform and that he would introduce a more expensive subscription tier on the platform that will not carry advertisements.

“Ads are too frequent on Twitter and too big. Taking steps to address both in coming weeks. Also there will be a higher priced subscription that allows zero ads,” he tweeted.

Ever since Musk took over as CEO and assumed control of the platform in October 2022, it has experienced a lot of changes, most notable the increase in price ( from $4 to $11) and addition of the verification check mark to Twitter’s subscription feature, Twitter Blue.

Other features which Musk added to the service are 60-minute video uploads and priority ranking in conversation replies. Paid users will also have access to old features of the service like the edit tweet feature, a thread reader, and custom icons and themes.

The service costs $11 for Android and iOS subscribers, while web user can subscribe for $8.


Over 500 advertisers who worked with the platform have also halted spending on the platform since Musk’s takeover.

Numerous employees have also resigned from the company including, most recently, Twitter’s French Head of Operations, Damien Viel.

More than 110 Twitter employees across at least four continents had announced their decision to leave in public Twitter posts. Over 500 also shared farewell messages on Twitter’s internal chat tool.


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