Senator Tinubu’s Heated Argument With Elisha Abbo Sparks Debate

A heated exchange that transpired between Senators Remi Tinubu and Elisha Abbo during a panel hearing on the latter’s alleged assault on a nursing mother at a sex toy shop in Abuja, is currently generating reactions on Twitter.

Senator Abbo had appeared for the second time before members of the Senate Committee set up to investigate the incident on Tuesday.

The heated argument started after Senator Tinubu, who is a member of the panel, accused Abbo of trying to “undermine” the investigative process.

“Do you want us to protect you, or do you want us to defend you, or you want to be on your own?” Tinubu had asked, adding that the panel has the power to suspend him from the Senate.

But responding, the embattled Senator rebuked Tinubu for “threatening” him with suspension over the assault incident.

 A trending video of the heated exchange between both senators has since been generating a lot of reactions on Twitter.


Some Twitter users are of the opinion that Senator Tinubu, being a woman, shouldn’t have “disrespectfully” engaged Abbo the way she did.

A twitter user (@john_danfulani), had said: “Sen. Remi Tinubu spoke carelessly and arrogantly. When Sen. Abbo tried returning fire; she reminded him that she is another woman. Is she telling us that if you are a woman you have an automatic license to behave roughly and rudely to colleagues?

Another twitter user (@gimbakakanda), said: “I’ve watched a longer video of the exchange between Remi Tinubu and Elisha Abbo. I get that Abbo is “underserving” of respect and has anger problem, but Senator Tinubu was unnecessarily condescending. At a point she sounded as though she’s addressing a school kid, not colleague.”

The above-mentioned tweets and many others sparked reactions from twitter users who share the same view and those opposing it.

Below are some of the reactions:

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