Sex Crimes: Austria Plans Tougher Sentences Against Offenders

Justice Minister of the Austria’s right-wing government, Josef Moser has disclosed that plans are in the pipeline to toughen its criminal code by raising sentences for sexual offenders and by strengthening victim protection.

In line with this and as part of the reform package that has yet to pass Parliament, the minimum sentence for rape will rise from one to two years, in line with laws in Germany and Sweden.

The criminal code will in addition have convicted rapist spend at least part of their sentence behind bars, rather than having the entire punishment suspended on probation.

Perpetrators who violate orders to stay away from victims will have to pay at least 2,500 euros ($2,800).

Victims of genital mutilation and of violence that was committed in the name of protecting someone’s perceived honour will be able to change their social security numbers to protect their identities.


The criminal code reform also loosens Austria’s strict doctor-patient confidentiality rules, especially for emergency medics who witness suspected child abuse.

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