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Father Killed His Son For Being Gay, Wife Stabbed To Death

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[caption id="attachment_6945" align="alignnone" width="630"]ABC7NYShehada Khalil Issa accused of premeditated murder of his 38 years old son[/caption]

A 69 years old Los Angeles man has killed his son after repeatedly threatening to do so because he was gay.

Police sources also disclosed that the mother was also found dead inside their home with wounds suggesting she was stabbed multiple times.

U.S prosecutors have already charged the suspect Shehada Khalil Issa with premeditated murder of his 38 years old son, Amir Issa, and still investigating the death of the mother.

The body of the son was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds and the police claimed he was shot outside of the house.

According to investigators, the accused man initially said he found his wife already dead in their bathroom and claimed the shooting of his son was in delf-defense as he was threatened with a knife. A statement that did not correlate with further “incriminating statament” that warranted his murder charge.

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An LGBT adovate who commented on the incident, described it as “gut wrenching” and a reminder that “the LGBT community face not only abandonment but also abuse for being open about our sexual orientation or gender identity,” said Jim Key, spokesman for the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

“When we won marriage equality, so many people thought this was the end of the battle and LGBT people were equal, but this (alleged) murder is a stark reminder of the violence that the LGBT people can face even within their own family,” Key said.

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Issa is currently held without bail and could face life jail without the possibility of parole if convicted.

He will be arraigned on April 11.

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