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Zaria Killings: Shi’ites Hack Lagos State Govt. Website; Leaves Message For FG

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Hackers believed to be Shi’ite Muslims have hacked into the official website of the Lagos State Government (http://www.lagosstate.gov.ng/), where they left a message for the Federal Government concerning last Saturday’s Zaria killings.

The hackers called the Federal Government terrorists, and pointed accusing fingers at countries like USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, describing them sponsors of terrorism, PM News reported.

The full text of their message left on the website read:

Message to Nigeria Government and State Sponsors of Terrorism (USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar):

Boko Haram and ISIS are terrorists, They are killing Muslims and innocent people because of your dirty money, Hey Nigeria Government you killed thousands of Muslims and specially Zakzaky’s family too, You are all terrorists, You are all murders, GOD damn you!

Allahu maulana wala mula lakum

Database Leaked:


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Read more at http://www.theheraldng.com/shiites-hack-lagos-state-govts-website-leave-message-fg-zaria-killings/#wZOgezyLM29UTWS3.99

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