Sucking, Caressing Of Female Breast Won’t Make It Sag, Says Gynecologist

An Abuja based gynecologist, Dr James Okoronkwo has faulted claims in some quarters that sucking, caressing, among other sexual activities could make the breast of a woman to sag.


His clarification is coming amidst various claims and assumptions from some women that fondling, caressing and sucking contribute to the sagging of a woman’s breasts.

In an interview with THE WHISTLER, the doctor said that he has not seen, or read any medical report which proved that a woman’s breast could sag as a result of these activities.

Beyond the fact that the breast is the source of food for a newborn baby, men derives sexual pleasure from it during the act of love making.

The gynecologist said, “I am yet to read a medically published journal that asserts that sucking and smooching of the female breasts would cause it to sag.

“What holds the breast up is largely the working of the cooper’s ligaments. It literally suspends the breast hence, factors that negatively affect the structure of the cooper’s ligaments would be responsible for saggy breasts.


“A few worthy mentions include genetics-it could be a family thing, alcohol, unstable weight gain and weight loss, poor exercise habit, smoking- it is documented that tobacco is responsible for a lot of reversible and irreversible changes in the human body, and it does a lot of damage to the fibrous tissue of the breast- which the Cooper’s ligament is.”

When asked if there are differences between the way a baby sucks the breast and that of adult, and what each activity does to the breast, he said, “Generally speaking, the sucking reflex of a baby is aimed at milk let down (breast milk production).

“When sucking is initiated, it sends signals to the hypothalamus which in turn sets a cascade of events that causes the release of a hormone called oxytocin.

“Oxytocin causes contraction of the breasts (in addition, it also contracts the uterus) which forces the engorged breasts to emit breast milk.

“For the adult male, the same reflex is triggered, and if it continues, it could also lead to milk let down as it is documented that some men have had the experience of tasting breast milk from their lovers by serendipity.


“The interesting thing about the oxytocin hormone is hinged on the premise that it creates a form of deep bonding between the baby and the mother. It may also be argued that it could posit a form of intimate bonding for the male lover also.”

He spoke on some of the factors that could lead to sagging of a woman’s breasts, stating that lifestyle changes, diseases and poor healthy habit among others could be responsible.

Okoronkwo said, “Like I noted earlier, some of the key causes of saggy breast include lifestyle changes not compatible with rounded/firmed up breasts, diseases of the breasts for example cancer of the breast, smoking, poor to zero exercise, unhealthy diets, and high consumption of unsaturated fats.”

When asked what could be done by ladies to prevent saggy breasts, the gynecologist recommend exercises that firm up the chest and builds the pectoralis muscles (the muscles upon which the breasts sits).

“Healthy diets, avoid unhealthy habits, such as smoking, plastic or cosmetic surgeries, and breast reduction surgeries,” he concluded.


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