Why The Breast Should Be Cared For

While some may feel uncomfortable with this piece, it is very understandable because our society frowns at public discussions or expression of anything considered sexual. So my apologies in advance if you are among those that due to some fable have closed minds.

Growing up as a teenager, I was so fascinated about women’s breasts. I had always imagined about how it feels to caress those soft, delicate, sensitive mounds of skin. I fantasized about having my mouth around that darker patched ring of colour called the aureole. Needless to say that huge nipples has always been a massive turn-on especially when seen through a light fabric.

It was many many years later that I had the opportunity of savouring the heavenly feeling of what has become my favourite body part of a woman. I may not be a gynecologist, but I have come to the realization that the breast is sensitively and delicately made and therefore should need utmost care from women and their partners alike.

A woman’s breasts represent so many things: femininity, sexuality, maternal love. But they also present potential problems: bouncing, sagging, soreness, and, in the worst case, cancer. Indeed, breast cancer is the most common form of (nonskin) cancer in women, and an estimated 200,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year – the need to pay attention.

Remember moisturizer
Your chest has some of your body’s most sensitive skin, and it’s very thin – lying close to the sternum. Be sure to moisturize the thin skin on the chest with a really thick lotion — the equivalent of a night cream. Look for a moisturizer with ingredients that bind water to the skin, such as hyaluronic acid or cocoa butter.

Hold them high
Gravity is not your friend. The breasts connect to the chest wall with ligaments and fibrous tissue. If breasts are not properly supported, the ligaments overstretch and sag. The larger breasts are, the more important it is to support them. Bouncing stretches out the ligaments, so you want a bra with cups that are positioned properly, one that shapes the breasts and keeps them compressed against the chest wall.

Some of the easiest and important precautionary steps to take is to eat well and exercise. This not only ensures good overall health, but also good breast health. It is also a good idea to reduce the amount of time that you wear a bra, and only wear ones that fit you properly.

It is also a good idea to learn how to do breast self-exams, and to do these on a regular basis. Also, have clinical examinations done at least once a year. Determine your risk factors and discuss these with your doctor so that you can decide when to start having regular mammograms or thermograms.



Written by Young Ozogwu

Twitter: @youngies


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