Does Body Shape Determine Size Of Private Part? Expert Gives Answer


Most of us have learnt all sorts of things about the male and female organs from talking to friends, sex education at school, the TV or the internet and even through personal experience.

Many people think you can size up what a man’s sexual organ is like just by seeing his body size, as well as the elasticity of a female vagina.

While some people believe that men who are fat would have small penis, others are of the opinion that slim men are more likely to harbour big and long penis, and therefore better able to satisfy their female partners. On the other hand, speculations have it that fat women have tighter vagina while slim women are wider.


We’ve all heard this myth so many times we assumed it must be true. But is there any scientific basis for this?

To shed some light on this popular and prevalent sex myths, an Akwa Ibom-based medical doctor with vast knowledge in anatomy of the human body, Mfon Daniel, who spoke to THE WHISTLER said the myth is untrue “because there is no evidence to prove that.”

“Medically the tightness of any woman’s vagina is mainly dependent on, age, childbirth, other factors have no real scientific evidence.

“A woman’s vagina is tight normally, but most times it expands after child birth or several penetrations,” he said.

“So the penis that was rubbing against the vaginal wall and giving enough sensation to the woman will now appear to be smaller and not very satisfying.”


However, he added that a man’s penis can only be determined through the number of testosterone (the primary male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. it plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues).

“For the guys, it’s mainly hormonal, higher levels of testosterone most times doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger penis but all the time, men with smaller pens have very little testosterone.

“However overweight men appear to have buried penises because their genitals have become buried under flesh and skin due to obesity. So his penis may still technically be six inches long, but with an inch hidden away, it appears to be only five inches.”

He added that obesity does not actually cause a man’s penis to shrink but rather appear smaller.

“Being overweight causes the penis to appear smaller than it actually is.


“Man penis is 8-10cm flaccid, then 12.5 – 13.5cm when erect. So most fat men who are accused of small penises actually have the average.

“The problem is that the models used for porn movies are usually carefully selected men with large penises so people just generally think that the slim men are the ones with the big penis.

“But to get rid of the dissatisfaction during sex, I will advise couples to indulge more in foreplay and other aspects of sensation so when they move into penetrative sex the woman is already sensitized and will get to climax quickly,” he added.


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