Industries In South East Are Shutting Down Due To Poor Electricity Supply-Uzodima

The Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma has decried the adverse effects of poor electricity supply across the South Eastern states.

He lamented that the situation has caused many industries in the region to shut down businesses thereby limiting the growth and development of the region.


He appealed to those in charge of power supply to proffer a sustainable solution to the power issues.

The governor made this plea during the Light-up Nigeria Project which was launched in Enugu on Monday.

He said, “Industries in the South East are closed down for lack of power and this a zone that is richly endowed by God with natural resources.

“You talk of gas. It is in the Niger-Delta formation, which the South East zone is part of it. You talk of oil. It is in this formation.


“Is it because of our inability to manage our natural resources or what.

“The connection between generations, transmission and distribution is supposed to be an internal protocol, it is not what we come here to discuss with stakeholders.

“The simple arithmetic here is demand and supply. You give us power, and we will pay for the power.”

The governor maintained that it will be a great injustice if the current administration of President Bola Tinubu is expected to solve the power in just months of getting into office as the power problems precede his government.

“You have shown that over years that government after government have not been able to give power to the people.


“Nine months ago, President Bola Tinubu came to power as president, with senator Kashim Shettima as his vice and all of us here in this room and in Nigeria expects them to solve this problem of power that have lingered for 45 years in seven months.

“If truth must be told, are we being reasonable?, so I think we must wear our thinking cap and ask some questions because this is our common patrimony, the money being spent is being spent for and on behalf of me and you.

“So the managers of this sector, the beneficiaries of this sector I think can create a situation whereby you are happy and Nigerians are happy, can we allow for a win win situation where power can get to our homes and our industries.

“We are not here to discuss the need for power supply in Nigeria. We are here to tell some of us the whole truth that we should wear our thinking cap and give Nigerians power.

“From tax payers money, a lot of money have been spent, the managers of this sector please wake up and help us do justice so that God will forgive all of us.”

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