Malami Reveals 3 Anti-corruption Bills That May Become Law In 2022

The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, SAN has disclosed that three bills pending before the National Assembly are geared towards ridding Nigeria of corrupt practices.

The AGF revealed the pending bills while speaking on the activities of the Justice Sector in the year 2021 at NTA’s Good Morning Nigeria program on Monday.

He listed the bills as “Proceeds of Crime Bill, Witnesses Protection Bill, Whistleblowers Bill”, saying that the pending legislation is part of the federal government’s approach and solution to the anti-corruption challenge.

The bills may most likely to be looked into by the NASS in 2022.

Usually, a bill has to be agreed upon by the House of Representatives and the Senate after which the President assents to it, before it becomes law.

Malami further said that part of the success story of the FMOJ in 2021 was its exploration of judicial process to ensure the proscription of groups, association and individuals that have been posing terrorist threats on the nation.

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