‘My Children Are My Vals’ Nigerians Talk About Valentine Day

Today is Valentine Day and many people all over the world will celebrate the day in their own ways. For some, it’s an occasion to take their lovers out for a special treat. For others it’s a day to show love to the less privileged.

But to some Nigerians, especially busy parents, it is a day to show their spouse and children love and attention. Some of these parents spoke to THE WHISTLER.

Mrs. Arit Daniel DeeDee, a resident of Dutse Alhaji, Abuja, believes it’s a day to give your children special attention. “It means a season to share love with your loved once and friends. In truth, most times I celebrate Val with my children because my husband is a busy person. As a married woman valentine is having that special moment with your husband. This year I’m celebrating with my husband, he said he is giving me a surprise tomorrow,” she said.


Another resident of the city, Mrs. Emily Eric also share her view on what she thinks about the Valentine Day. “Is a time to show love. I’m going out with my children and husband. I intend going to the orphanage with my family, afterwards I’ll go to Silverbird gallery to catch fun with my kids. It’s also a special time for me to give gift to my husband and receive from him.”

Mr. Chidiebere Okey shared his view on what valentine means to him.”Valentine is a moment of sharing love not just with the people around you and those you love, if I’m to celebrate valentine I will start with my wife and then both of us will go out to celebrate with those we love and most importantly the less fortunate once, will also buy gift for my wife.”

A journalist, also resident in Abuja who preferred anonymity, gave her view: :“I celebrate Valentine with my husband. He takes me out most times to a quiet eatery where we have a calm environment if possible. Valentine is a season specifically dedicated to lovers, when you show love to your loved ones by spending time with him and buying him gifts’’.


Adams Joshua, a businessman gave a different view about Valentine. “I personally do not fancy valentine; its just like every other day for me, I care for my wife, buy her gift anytime I feel like also take her out occasionally. I think Valentine is for small boys and girls.’’


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