Why Organizations Should Observe ‘Take Your Kids To Work Day’

‘Take Your Child to Work Day’ is an internationally recognised day for parents to take their children to their workplaces to work with them.


Officially called ‘Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day,’ it is marked on the fourth Thursday in April of every year to give children a glimpse into the workplace world or expose students to future job possibilities and the value of education.

Ahead of this year’s occasion which falls on April 27, 2023, I followed my dad to his office from where I wrote this article on the importance of exposing children to the work environment.

Based on reports, ‘take your kids to work day’ is mostly observed by fathers.

Marking the day has advantages for both parents and kids as it can be a fun and educational experience.

It provides an opportunity for children to gain understanding of how their parents work, what kind of tasks they do, and the importance of teamwork in the workplace.


It also allows them to build relationships with their peers, which can help them develop important social skills and improve his/her problem-solving skills.

Children who visit workplaces may become more disciplined after doing this for some time. They will also learn how to manage their time in the future in terms of work-life balance.

In some organisations, children of employees are allowed to earn money on such days based on the amount of work that is done by the child.

The activity can help children have value for money when they know how their parents work hard to earn money to take care of them.

But it is important to note that ‘take your kids to work day’ does not work for every job.


Not all bosses want children playing in their business areas and it may not be unexpected for some bosses to send back children because of the amount of noise they make

For parents who take their children to work, they’re still meant to do their job even if their children are helping them.

In my opinion, parents should be paid more or given special stipends on ‘take your kid to work day’ to cover for the distraction and stress they have to deal with on such days.

In conclusion, I really think that ‘take your children to work day’ is very important and has many advantages and nearly no disadvantages. I can’t say it is the best thing by only adding the good things so for me, the only disadvantage is that it can be a distraction for parents on days celebrated. This is my opinion and many other children, and to make it even better, many exceptions and rules can be introduced to make the day enjoyable by kids and their parents.

– Ethan, 11, is a Year 7 student at Chrisland Secondary School, Abuja.


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