Why Some Married Men Don’t Put On Wedding Ring

There has been controversy on why some men don’t put on their wedding ring. To some men, it is just a piece of jewelry, while to others, it symbolises the level of commitment to their spouse.

THE WHISTLER Correspondent sought the opinion of some married men on why they don’t wear their wedding ring. While some of them said that they stopped wearing the ring for health implications, others are of the view that it is not the right indicator to measure love.

For Barrister Emmanuel Obiukwu who said he has been married for two years, he told this Website that he took off the wedding ring few hours after his wedding.

He said, “I only wore it for few hours and removed the ring, it wasn’t even up to 24 hours, I do not consider it as sign of love.

“From the negative aspect, some persons that are not sincere may want to disguise in order to cheat and for some ladies who would want to know their marital status, it makes it easier to deceive these ladies.

“For me, my wife approved of it. Even while we were dating she knows I don’t like anything ring. I think it’s advisable that you agree with your partner if you are not comfortable with wearing rings. I don’t intend to wear it any time soon, not even in the nearest future.”

For Engineer Chikwere Ihegborow, who has been married for six years, he said that he stopped wearing his wedding ring one year after his wedding.

He said, “I got married in 2015, which is six years ago. I stopped wearing my wedding ring after I added weight, because at that time whenever I take it off, it leaves mark on my finger and I also find it difficult to remove.

“Although I got another ring after I stopped wearing the former, but this time, it is not a wedding ring but a fashion ring which is always on my wedding finger. For me, it counts as a wedding ring. You can change at some point; it is not a must that you wear the ring you wedded with forever. Although it’s an occasional thing for me, and my wife is not particular about me wearing the ring.”

When asked if it was easier for married men to cheat without their wedding ring, Ihegborow said, “No. That is a big lie. The truth of the matter is most men admit that they are married especially when they meet single ladies, and their response to that question isn’t dependent on the ring.

“Though for girls, I guess many pay attention more to the ones without their ring. But then putting the ring on doesn’t stop anyone that want to cheat.”

On the part of Mr Seyi Owolabi, who has been married for over 20 years, he said that he stopped wearing his wedding ring when it was missing during an official trip.

He said, “I got married in 2007 and misplaced the ring in 2014. I wore it for the first seven years of my marriage. I went to a function in Uyo and I forgot the ring in the hotel where I lodged, and I noticed it when I got back to Lagos.

“But I tried reaching out to the hotel but could not get back the ring. Since then, I have not bought a new one. And I have not had the time to go in search of a new one.

“At the initial stage my wife was not okay with me not wearing the ring, she felt threatened that I was not wearing my ring and even threatened to stop wearing hers.

“It got to a point that she wanted to buy me another ring with her money, but that didn’t happen. But I was not so bothered because I felt it would be difficult for any lady to see me and say that I am not married.

“Putting on a wedding ring does not stop anyone from cheating. Someone can still wear the ring and cheat. I do not see a ring as something that signifies commitment.

“I have seen people that when they want to cheat, they remove their ring and keep it in their car and pretend as if they are not married, why some may even wear it and still cheat.”

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