Equatorial Guinea President To Move Embassy To Jerusalem – Israel PM

According to Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Government of Equatorial Guinea is planning to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Netanyahu, in a tweet on Friday, said he “spoke today by telephone with Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Mbasogo, who informed him that he would transfer Equatorial Guinea’s embassy to Jerusalem.”

He said he was happy that more countries were copying the move by former United States President Donald Trump, “in transferring their embassies to Jerusalem.”

Recall that Trump, as part of his Middle East Peace plan, had recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital while relocating the U.S. embassy there.

But the move was condemned by the European Union.

In its reaction, the Palestinian Government said that Jerusalem remained its capital.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu, wooed African countries to follow the path of Equatorial Guinea.

He added that ” Israel is continuing to deepen its cooperation with African countries – Israel is returning to Africa and Africa is returning to Israel in a big way.”