INTERVIEW: My Social Media Evangelism Is Transforming Lives – Philip Levi

Philip Levi is one of the frontline Christian content creators on social media in Nigeria.

He is the founder of the Levites WATCH TV.


In this interview with THE WHISTLER, he talks about content creation for starters, copyright laws, and associated challenges.


Can You Introduce Yourself Sir?

My name is Philip Levi, I am graduate of the Department of Philosophy, University of Uyo, Nigeria, a content creator, and the founder of Levites WATCH TV.


What Motivated You To Be Christian Content Creator ?

What motivated me is my love for God and the desire to see and have believers online filled with the word of God that makes them succeed in life and make heaven at last.

Who And What Has Been Your Biggest Motivation/Mentor In Content Creation ?

Apostle Joshua Selman – I listened to one of his messages in 2019 titled “Thine Kingdom Come”.

There, he taught on “The Seven Mountains”. That would be my first time hearing a message like that teaching believers to rise as ambassadors of Christ on those mountains of which “Media” was one of them, and it was that day God spoke to me that He needed me to represent Christ on the mountain of media.


That was how my media journey began.

My advice would be that content creators should do their best to have approvals from the ministry or organizations whose content they intend to upload on social media or ensure at least that the content they intend to upload and the way they upload that content falls under fair use or creative commons.

Also, content creators should prioritize compliance with copyright laws by creating original content, obtaining proper licenses for third-party material, attributing sources, respecting fair use guidelines, monitoring their content for unauthorized use, considering copyright registration, and seeking legal advice when needed.

By understanding copyright basics, respecting intellectual property rights, and following best practices, content creators can protect their work and avoid infringement.

Lastly, they should ensure that the content they upload complies with the copyright laws of the social media platform(s) they intend to upload it on.


How Has Content Creation Helped In Spreading The Gospel ?

Daily! By the grace of God through content creation, I reach over 100,000 people on the internet.

I have been taught by Apostle Joshua Selman, and I have learned by experience that there are so many people we may never be able to reach if we depend only on one-on-one evangelism.

Through media, by the grace of God, I have posted content that has reached over two million people in not up to two weeks.

This is how powerful content creation is, I may never be people able to reach such amount of people in such a short time physically with the Gospel, but through media and by the grace of God I have been able to achieve this and more.

What Feedback Have You Received From Over 2 Million People Who Have Watched Your Content?

I’ve received so many messages from people including public figures, thanking me, and encouraging me to keep doing what I’m doing by the grace of God, and that I’m blessing and transforming their lives.

What Are The Challenges Facing Christian Content Creation And What Are The Solutions?

One major challenge I have seen that most Christian content creators face is the monetization of their social media platforms. Some have gone so far as to monetize their platforms; they mix up messages of men of God, and add very controversial and sometimes disgusting titles even at the expense of the reputation of the man of God just to go viral and make money from the content.

This is not the way.

It is true that we need money to consistently dish out content, but God has a strategy for the financing of each one of us, and I truly believe that the solution is to go back to God who sent you to create Gospel contents and ask for the strategy for your financing.

Have You Found Fulfilment In Content Creation? If Yes, What Is Your Advice To Those Starting Content Creation?

Yes, I have found fulfillment in creating Gospel contents, and if this is all God will have me do for the rest of my life, I will do so joyfully seeing that lives are saved, blessed, and transformed.

My advice for startups in Gospel content creation is: Love God, seek to make an impact in the lives of people, be creative and excellent in creating your contents while asking God early for the strategy for your financing.

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