President Buhari Set For Another ‘Private Visit’ To UK

President Muhammadu Buhari may depart the country again to the United Kingdom tomorrow Thursday barring any change of plans.

President Buhari returned from a 10-Day private visit to London on May 5 and was welcomed by questions over deteriorating security situation in parts of the country and his next cabinet.

Reliable sources at the Presidency told THE WHISTLER that Buhari would be going on another private visit to London tomorrow for undisclosed reasons.


Sources say the reasons for his next trip has not been made official at the Villa and may only be known by close personal aides.

His last trip to London which Presidential Spokesman, Femi Adesina termed a ‘private visit’ had provoked speculations on Buhari’s health status, with some commentators suggesting he traveled to take care of his health.

It was after his return that it became public knowledge that he had also used his stay in London to think about his next cabinet.


A source said Buhari may be going out again to finalize the list of those who would make his cabinet after his inauguration for a second term.

“At the FEC meeting last week, which was the longest FEC meeting since 2015, some ministers had reported their permanent secretaries, and Buhari jokingly asked them: I hope my ministers are not reporting themselves?” he said.


The source interpreted the president’s reply to mean an acknowledgement that some of his ministers have failed him.

“So, I think the President wants to have time to think things through to avoid mistakes of 2015 in his appointments,” he suggested.


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