Giant Strides Of Gov Ugwuanyi In Ogbete Main Market

It is obviously not an overstatement that traders in Enugu State are in the forefront of the biggest beneficiaries of Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi-led administration since its inception on May 29, 2019 till date. Specifically at Ogbete Main Market, the Ugwuanyi administration created an ambience and conviviality, which have given the traders a cause to believe that they are part and parcel of the state. Before the Ugwuanyi administration came on board, the plight of traders, both as individuals and collectively, was that of uncertainties. The market was in a dire need of infrastructural intervention and human empowerment.

But since the Ugwuanyi revolution swept like waves in the state, traders in Enugu State in general have seen a cause to smile; their hopes have been rekindled. Hitherto, the traders’ union at Ogbete was in quagmire. The spirit of brotherliness was lacking even as traders were factionalised. The discordant tunes gave birth to a protracted election of the executives, making it stillborn. Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the man with the magic wand, stepped in and saved the situation by setting up an interim caretaker committee with the mandate of restoring peace to the market. Today, the tranquility in the market is absolute.

To put smiles on the faces of the traders, the Ugwuanyi administration also launched the phenomenal Special Traders’ Empowerment Scheme that has seen lucky traders in Enugu State win N50, 000.00 each at various monthly raffle draws. This scheme has empowered hundreds of traders not only at Ogbete Main Market but across all markets in the state.

Another milestone of the Ugwuanyi administration at Ogbete Main Market is the resettlement of victims of Corn-mill fire incidence. The victims, who were already in the red sea when all they had laboured for overtime were consumed at one fell swoop, had their tears turned into cheers as Gov Ugwuanyi swiftly released a sum of N3, 000,000.00 to cushion what was a devastating blow to about 30 of them. This act restored their hopes, and enabled them to return to their businesses with vigour.

Gov Ugwuanyi did not stop at that, he further embarked on the re-construction of the Holy Ghost-Fire Service road, which was a nightmare before his administration. Today, the road is a beauty to behold. Again, traders and buyers at the market were at a time exposed to health hazards caused by in-flow of unkempt substances from the Nigerian Prisons, Enugu. At a time, it made life unbearable. The governor tackled the situation head-on by constructing septic tanks at the Prisons, which nipped the squalid situation in the bud. To maintain the cleanliness of the market as well, the Ugwuanyi administration embarked on clearing the debris on the drainages in the market as well as other projects to check erosion at the market and its environs. The traders have also benefitted from the state’s micro-credit scheme through the Enugu SME Centre.


Obviously the insatiability of human wants is also obtainable among the ever-grateful traders of Ogbete Main Market. Thus, as the People’s Governor begins his second term in office, the traders would like His Excellency to establish a fruit processing plant at Ogbete because of the ever-inflow of fruits from both within and outside the state. Such would lead to creation of jobs and boost the state economy because it will make Enugu state the fruit destination of the southeast. The traders also want the governor to use his good offices to reconstruct and asphalt the Akwata part of the market, and install solar panel lights at Holy Ghost side of the market.

Furthermore, it would be good if the state government consider urbanization of Ugwuoba in Oji River LGA, and construction of world-class international markets at the two border towns of Ugwuoba and Obollo-Afor. This will take care of trans-border products from the North to the East and East to the North.

The traders, on their part, assure the Ugwuanyi administration of their unflinching support as he takes the baton to the 2023 torch line. 

Hon Eze is the caretaker committee chairman, Ogbete Market Traders’ Association, Enugu


Disclaimer: This article is entirely the opinion of the writer and does not represent the views of The Whistler.


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