Social Media Pressure, Financial Challenges, Major Reasons For Crash In Celebrity Marriages -Expert

A certified relationship and family life coach, Gladys Diribe has identified social media pressure, financial challenges, among other things, as reasons for the crash of most celebrity marriages.

Diribe who was speaking during an interview with THE WHISTLER on the issue, said when every twist and turn in the life of celebrities, including their marriage is exposed to the public by the media, it plays a toxic role in destroying celebrity marriages.


“Social media for instance keep playing a toxic role in destroying celebrity marriages. The spread of news unnecessarily and the dissemination of false and unverified information about celebrities contributes immensely to the marital crisis,” she said.

Diribe stated that while celebrities may enjoy substantial wealth, financial issues can still contribute to the breakdown of their marriages.

“There might be disagreements over money management, pre-nuptial agreements, and disputes over assets. This can create tension and conflict within the relationship. This can also happen to any marriage,” she said.

Diribe who is also the associate senior pastor of Burninglight Assembly, explained that growing together in marriage births a bond of fulfillment, adding that when growth; financial, mental, educational and others becomes one-sided, there is trouble.


“ No one likes to be dragged down a level they’ve outgrown. This factor creates an imbalance in authority and power giving rise to insecurities, which definitely births conflicts,” she said.

Another reason for the crash of celebrity marriages, Diribe stated, is when they marry for the wrong reasons.

“A lot of the time, due to pressure of keeping up with the status quo, so many celebrities marry for reasons ranging from money, status, sexual attraction, and the likes other than compatibility. Since these factors lack the base and needful capacity to hold together the union in times of crisis, the marriage may crash,” she said.

She added that celebrities, due to the constant jobs that take them away from home, hardly have time for each other which creates a gap between them.

“ Frequently spending time apart from each other creates an unavoidable gap between couples. The more time they spend apart the more their marriage falls apart. Marriage needs time together to blossom. Out of sight sometimes can be out of mind,” she said.


Diribe noted that the entertainment industry is known for its glamorous lifestyle and numerous opportunities for celebrities to interact with attractive and influential individuals which can create room for infidelity and temptation.

“The constant exposure to temptation can increase the likelihood of infidelity, which is a common reason for the breakdown of celebrity marriages,” she maintained.

The relationship expert added that while it is important to note that not all celebrity marriages end up crashing, it is important for celebrities to ensure that their marriages work as people look up to them and follow their steps most of the time.

“ There is always a ripple effect of their marital instability on society, and these include an increasing rise in failed marriages, rise in single parenting and broken marriages which most times has a negative effect on the children,” she said.

She added that even as celebrities, they need to understand that though marriage is a commitment that requires sacrifice, it is a choice and anyone who is not ready to agree to its terms and conditions, can stay unmarried.

Diribe recommended that celebrities who want to keep their marriage should strive to grow together and be ready to make sacrifices and make room for compromise.


“Be vulnerable with each other. I had to add this because I feel that a lot of times, people who are up there forget the fact that they are still humans. They camouflage their weakness and live in denial. This they do in a bid to look perfect,” she said.

She urged them to also allow for consistent and constant communication flow in their relationship.

“Talk about it all; the good, the bad, and the even the ugly. Be available! As much as possible, be present. Be there to celebrate little wins, big wins. Be there in the season of pain, too!

“Let me also add this winning strategy together. A couple that plays together, stays together,” she said.

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