Would You Discuss Your Marriage On Social Media?

Marital problems could destroy a marriage if not handled with wisdom and understanding.

Marriage is probably the most important relationship human beings can have and opinion is divided on how couples should handle marital challenges.

Some had taken to social media to ventilate their frustrations and to seek advice. But there is the view that what we post, and share can reflect on our relationship and how people see us.

THE WHISTLER asked some Nigerians their opinion on the issue.   Excerpts:

 “Advice On Social Media Are Fake”- Mrs. Vicky Oyeniran (Banker)


“Well, I’m actually not totally into social media so there’s no way I would support couples airing their issues on such platforms. Yes, sometimes people want to hear out other opinions, but most people don’t even give real advice on social media.

“Who will you share or tell your marital issues with? Hmmmm, I would rather recommend a marriage counselor even if the couple feel they need a third party Involved in their marital issues that is my opinion.”

“Marriage Is A Private Affair”- Mrs. Udofia (Marriage Counsellor)

“Marriage is a relationship between a man and woman. In the Christendom it is a union ordained by God himself. In my view as a counsellor, it is the coming together of two people that are in love. Our love life is something to be kept private from outside interference.

“Therefore, I believe that marital issues should not be shared online or social media is going to wash our dirty linen outside. It also brings divorce because, after disgracing ourselves online we may not be able to live together again.


“Where there are issues, we should talk to or seek advice from counsellors or other matured minds.”

“Social Media Is Disgusting”-Mrs. Mary Obu (Hair stylist)

“I love these questions, personally believe strongly that it is very wrong to share one’s marital issues online or on social media. This is immaturity and confusion at the highest point, because as long as I am concerned marital issues are meant to be personal and confidential and should be handled with wisdom through God’s grace.

“This is where maybe an extended family can come in (though not advisable but better than social media by far). Why I said extended family is because in marriage, it is not just about the husband and wife, but extended to others related to them, though one has to tread with care (as not to hurt them or rubbish your marriage in the process).

“Every marriage has its own issue. Communication, understanding and wisdom are what’s playing out. Insecurity, immaturity, indecisiveness and low self -esteem and dependence on others opinion are what make people to do such a disgusting thing.

“Who will you confide in, I am not ruling out meeting a counselor or meeting with those long in marriage, they may be long but not the best for advice. I suggest prayer, search deep within, communicate more often, apply wisdom, lastly stay far away from social media with your marital issues where every Tom and Harry will advise you out of their imaginations.”

“Any Issue Can Be On Social Media”-Mrs. Adamma Nwankwu (Banker)

“There’s no issue that cannot be discussed on social media, because someone has a lesson to learn from some of the marital issues discussed on social media. However, couples are not meant to discuss their marital issues or challenges online. Also, you can discuss your problem with God first, your marriage sponsors and your spiritual guardian.”

“Social Media Will Destroy Your Home”-Mr. Musa (Businessman)


“Online will mislead you. If you take your issue or problem to social media, it will destroy your home. I will advise you not to be like those who called themselves celebrities that is why their marriages do not last. Some will advise that they go to professionals in counselling but let us not be quick to forget that those are also humans and may give advice that will not work out. I will only say that you should go to God. He will direct you.”

  “It’s Inappropriate”-Mr. Chuks (Civil Servant)

“It is inappropriate for marital issues to be shared on social media. Marriage is a contract for two persons, every issue arising from the marriage should be handled with caution as such marital issues may be wrongly perceived.

“I will only advice you talk it out with your spouse. But if it not working out , seek God’s intervention.”


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