How Coscharis Motors Failed To Replace My Defective Car 11 Years After Acquisition-Irene Ottih

…We Are Still Working On It- Coscharis Motors


Coscharis Motors Limited has been accused of not effectively representing the Land Rover International brand after failure to replace a new Land Rover Freelander bought in 2009 for N9m shortly after it developed fault.

The customer, Irene Ottih, Publisher of Own Boss Magazine who spoke to THE WHISTLER, said she had in 2009 acquired the Land Rover Freelander in the Company’s Abuja Branch Office located at Plot 388 Constitution Avenue, Central Business District.

Ottih who decried the intimidation she has suffered from the automobile firm said the car immediately developed fault after it was purchased.

She said when the technical issue was brought to the attention of Coscharis Motors, the company apologised claiming that the fault was from the fuel pump.

She said, “I bought the fuel from a Total Filling station. They fixed the problem and I left with the car. I also observed immediately that the right handle of the back seat was bad.”

The customer said she reported the case the next day and was told to wait for two weeks for the Company to get the car fixed.

Ottih said, “I waited for months and it was not fixed, the car stopped me on the road again and I returned the car to them, eventually when I picked up the car, the door was not fixed.

“The car stopped on the road again and they came and towed the car and changed the battery. I later returned the car after one year because I was tired of putting my hand across the window to open a car before coming down from my car. After some months, I came back and they said the part is still not available and they fixed it manually and returned the car to me.”

The customer said the problem triggered the alarm system which constantly makes noise whenever she parks the car, adding that this usually runs down the car battery.

She said, “The car continued to stop constantly on the road and was towed severally by Coscharis Motors. I have changed the battery twice, I refused to change the battery again and Coscharis Motors usually changed the battery whenever the car embarrasses me and stopped on the road.


“I returned the car sometime in 2011 and it stayed with Coscharis Motors for almost one year. In 2012 the car stopped and I demanded that they should replace it since the car is still under warranty.”

Based on Land Rover warranty policy for new luxury cars, every new purchase is covered by a limited warranty that lasts for four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.

The customer is expected to be given a substitute car in the case where faulty luxurious cars are returned, but it must qualify for the warranty.

According to this policy, the company ought to have provided Ottih with a utility car pending when her faulty vehicle is fixed.

But for Coscharis, the case was different as the customer has not seen or received any tangible news about her car from the automobile company.

The car which is currently in Lagos according to Letisha Onuzulike, the Abuja Branch Sales Manager of Coscharis Motors has not been returned or replaced as of the time of filing this report.

The customer said she had reported the case to the Central Area Police Station in 2013.

She added, “When I reported the matter to the Police, the Coscharis Group came with their lawyer and pleaded with me that we should give them time to solve it.”

Also in September last year, she explained that the matter was reported to the Independent Corrupt Practice Commission but an intervention is being awaited,

Onuzulike during a chat with this Website admitted that the Land Rover Freelander has been with the company in Lagos since 2011.

Onuzulike, who declined to comment on whether the car in question qualified for the company’s warranty policy, rudely asked our correspondent if he was the judge.

“Are you the judge?” The sales manager said in response to the question on warranty.

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