Cleric Gives Tips On How To Contract Marriages That Last

The partners involved in a marital relationship are responsible for the building or breaking of the union, according to the resident pastor of the Living Faith Church, Jahi Abuja, Chris Abraham. 

Pastor Abraham disclosed this on Sunday at the church’s ‘Singles and Couples Hangout’.

The cleric’s wife, Sarah Chris, started off by saying that numerous relationships and marriages that are turbulent began on a faulty foundation because it was based on lies and dishonesty.

According to Sarah, since nobody can pretend forever, the eventual revelation of a person’s real character can breed distrust, thereby destroying the relationship at the long run.

“Be sincere; don’t lie about who you are,” she added.

Chris Abraham spoke on the Wisdom Naomi passed on to Ruth, the great grand mother of Jesus Christ.

Quoting from Ruth 3:3, he explained that the first advice Ruth learned was that she must be a virtuous woman to enter into a peaceful home.

He warned that a wayward lifestyle  attracts a wayward partner, adding that it sets marital union towards wreckage.

“Make up will not attract any serious man, a serious young man is looking for a virtuous woman,” he said.

He also urged the youths not be in a hurry to enter into marriage with someone, adding they need to ” investigate before they invest”.

“Study the person; avoid premarital sex because it displeases God and erodes confidence,” he added.

Furthermore, he said that when a person keeps recalling the negative past or think about the bad things happening in the society, there is a high tendency that they will repeat it in the next relationship.

“Stop looking at negative examples; place positive examples before you, ” he said.

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